He’s My KING!


How did this dude steal my heart?!?!

I told them that I didnt want a dog.  I didnt want the hassle of cleaning up after another dog. I wanted to travel; I didn’t want to be tied down by a dog.

“Calamity", our very first dog was a wedding gift from Tony.  She was loveable but also the handful that her name suggests.  We had her for 13 years until we had to put her down.  It broke my heart.  I swore I would never have another creature on four legs steal my heart or make work for me.

But they defied me. They brought this scary looking creature home anyway.  I didnt speak to them for two weeks, I was so mad.  He ate up my shoes and chewed up the furniture which made me even madder.

Somehow though, only a few weeks in, he had stolen my heart.  He follows me around the house when I am home and mopes when I am not.  He misses me and I miss him back whenever we are a part.

He sits in my lap; all 84 pounds of him.  I can no longer imagine what our home would be like without him.

He’s fun! He’s loveable! He’s MY KING!