Women, Wine and Wealth

For the 4th year in a row, tonight my friend Kim Bourne and I hosted BWOI's signature Women, Wine and Wealth program.

It's a 3-part financial planning series that we created over dinner and a glad of wine one night.

Part One of the series teaches participants tips for establishing and managing their budgets. In this first segment, we share tips and real examples of what it takes to go from having absolutely nothing at all to having financial freedom. Even if you have more than nothing, we teach you how to get more.
Participants also learn about a tool that I created called KMBASS!

Part Two of the series is focused on Investments. Part Three is on Estate Planning.

We offer this workshop series only once per year. Participants come back every year to learn more tips.

These workshops are free for BWOI members. Guests welcome for a nominal charge. The knowledge you gain is invaluable.  Don't miss it.

Follow @bwoinfluence or www.blackwomenofinfluence.com for program info.