When Valerie Rainford approached one of the large publishing houses to shop her book, they told her “it was not believable that so many bad things could happen to one person in a single life time”. They also insisted that the format of the book be “reconstructed to attract a target audience”.

Determined to tell her story the way she wanted AND produce a quality book that would inspire others, Valerie shifted her focus to self-publishing.

Quickly disappointed in the self-publishing options available, she hired a team to help her learn the publishing industry. Less than one year later, Valerie launched her own publishing company, Elloree Press, and released her much-loved memoir Until the Brighter Tomorrow: One Woman’s Courageous Climb from the Projects to the Podium. Until the Brighter Tomorrow is read by audiences all over the world; has won book awards; is required reading in high schools; and, inspires a custom Girl Scouts badge in Valerie’s honor.

Bitten by the publishing bug, Elloree Press has grown to become a boutique publishing company with a niche in publishing Inspirational Works by new and aspiring authors.

The Elloree Press name is inspired by the small town of Elloree, South Carolina where generations of Valerie’s ancestors were enslaved, later sharecropped and now lay to rest.

Other Inspirational Works By Elloree Press

“Sonnets from My Soul: At Peace”

By: Michelle Taylor-Jones

Published: September 2016

Price: $9.95

ISBN: 978-0990519393

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